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About Thorne GK

 - A Company with a Vision -

We Do Not Compromise on Quality

A true goal that is not centred around profit, but aiming to provide the quality products which keepers need, at prices you can afford. We saw an opportunity to change this industry for the better, building the company into what it is today around an initial idea for an (as of yet unreleased) innovation. 

We quickly found that keepers responded well to our attitude of including the goalkeeping community in our journey (something you can get involved in on our social media!), and that they loved the designs we were putting out. At the core of our ideology is that the keepers come first. We strive to provide a fantastic service at every stage of the process, from simple enquiries all the way through to sending you your products and beyond.

We are meticulous with our design and testing, and no product is released if we are not completely satisfied with its performance and appearance (and more importantly, the reaction from the goalkeepers that follow us). It took us over 30 variations of prototypes to settle on a finalised design for the Magna, and all the gloves we sell are the same as we would provide to a professional keeper. 
red goalkeeping glove

Thorne Goalkeeping is a small UK business, but we hope to make a large impact on the market and to further the performance which keepers can get from the equipment they use. 

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