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Can you sponsor me?
What latex do you use?
What size shall I buy?

This will depend on a few factors, but really it depends what type of fit you want from your glove. We currently only sell gloves in a negative cut, which is a slightly tighter fitting. Using the size guide , you will get the right size if you enjoy having a snug fit. If you’re someone who uses finger protection, we generally recommend to buy a size up from what the guide suggests, as finger protection in a tight fitting glove is not always the most comfortable combination.

Do your gloves have finger protection?

Yes, all of our gloves feature flexible finger protection spines in each finger, but do not feature it in the thumb. This is because the thumb does not bend the same way as the fingers do, and as such the thumb protection you may see in other gloves is pretty much a waste or time, cost and space.

Do you ship to my country?

We ship our products worldwide, so there should be no problems getting them to you!

How long will it take my products to arrive?
Are Thorne Goalkeeping gloves sold in any stores?
Can you offer our club/large order discount?

Yes, send us a message on social media or via email if you are thinking of buying multiple gloves and we will arrange this with you!

Do you offer Warranty?

We are happy to replace or refund gloves within 30 days if there is a fault with the stitching or materials, such as tears that are not the result of the gloves being used. Please note that this does not cover the latex on the palm. This material is very soft and although we rate ours as being particularly durable, it is always possible that it can tear even during the first use. If the stitching has torn open or the strap falls off, this obviously is a fault of the manufacturer, and we will happily replace it. We do request that you send the gloves back to us so we can see what went wrong and slap our manufacturer.

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